Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Rocky...

We have been contemplating an addition to our family and yesterday as we were out and about, we decided to just "take a look".  




We drove off of the highway to Loveall's RV near Columbia, MO (where we purchased Little Blue a couple of years ago--okay about a year and a half ago) just to look and see what was out there--not planning to get anything for a year or two, but wanting to look and plan.

That's what I thought anyway...

We saw a few nice units.  Looked at new ones, used ones, old ones, more recent ones.

And Then...

Rocky caught our eye!

For all of you who don't know me, I name everything.
My vehicles,
My pets,
My computers,
My campers.
So, this is Rocky...
Rocky is a 2008 Rockwood Signature Ultralite about 30 ft long with TWO slides!  Yay!  One is a superslide.

Would you like a little tour?  These are from the dealer website, so not my photos, btw.

Walk in the main door on the right in the picture above and you enter the coach with the breakfast bar and stools to your left.  Stop, pull up a stool and talk to the cook--or have a snack!  It's hard to see, but there are 4 drawers there at the end of the bar and cabinets above the bar!  Mama LIKES storage for SURE!  The sink has the cover on it in the picture, but it is a double sink in brushed nickel.  You can see the stove and oven in front of the window there and above them is the microwave.  I know--hard to see...sorry!

To the right as you come in the door is the conversation area with two swivel rockers if you prefer comfort after the chat at the kitchen breakfast bar.  Nice storage above too...And see the speakers for the surround sound there?

In the SuperSlide is the loveseat (pulls out into a bed) 

and the dinette (here you can see it made up into a bed) along with the entertainment center.

Across from the dinette and loveseat is the kitchen--You saw the kitchen sink and stove area in the picture with the breakfast bar...Isn't that fridge pretty with the wooden panels?  And closest to you is the pantry with the little round knob there.  I was amazed at the storage...

On the other side of the Entertainment Center wall is the bathroom.  Look!  It has a potty!  Imagine that!  And a corner shower...and a linen cabinet above the loo...

And how about this?  A DOUBLE sink!  With two medicine cabinets, under sink cabinets and a row of drawers for all of the wonderful junk that we gals need to carry to make us look, uh, beautiful--yeah--that's it!  Beautiful!  ;-)  Or to store plenty of TP so as not to run out..

 You can't see this in the pix, but there are real doors on either side of the bathroom.  You know, the kind with a knob and everything!  There is one to the bedroom and one to the coach area.  Makes it nice if there are ever visitors traveling with us (or when Gman gets all nocturnal and goes out to the living room to watch TV in the middle of the night).

And here is the bed.  It is in a slide out as well, so it gives more room to move around in the room (and dare I say, room for our 160 lb Tank the pony dog to sleep on the floor in the same room).  There is a cabinet above the bed for stuff.  I like to use those cabinets for my books (kindle), glasses and the remote control and perhaps a snack or bottle of water...    You know--the important stuff!  You can see the baby flat screen layng on the bed there.  That gray square thing.  It is tiny, but then the room isn't exactly enormous.  We do have a 19 inch tv that we will probably put in there (we used it in Little Blue).

The TV sits here--on the dresser.  You can't really tell in this picture, but there are three doors in the dresser for hanging clothes and 2 nice big drawers under the doors for storage.  Also, under the TV is 3 drawers and there are two more large drawers at the end of the bed.  You can also lift the mattress on the bed and store goodies under the mattress.  I am in storage nirvana here folks!  I have had houses that didn't have this much storage!  You can also see the second exit door next to the dresser.  Nice if there is ever an emergency!

 So, Rocky just called to us.  He is a good fit for our needs.  We are trading Little Blue for the bigger Rocky.  Little Blue has been great and we have enjoyed our time with him, but it is time for something a bit bigger to keep the Mother Ship company.

I can't wait to take Rocky on the shake down trip in October!  

There is a lot to do between now and then, but I can't wait!  What fun!  I'll let you know how it goes!   :)