Monday, July 28, 2014

Mother Gets A Bath...

I was telling you about getting ready to move from Missouri in this post.

Part of what I mentioned was that the Mother Ship (our 5th wheel) was all cleaned, closed up and ready to go.  Today I am going to tell you about how I cleaned our 5th wheel--the easier way...

A gentleman in Missouri and I were talking about my poor camper one day while he was working on her refrigerator which had failed.  That's another story.  Oye!

This gentleman used to work for a camper dealer doing the detailing and was kind enough to share one of his tricks with me.

So, here we go!

First, get your supplies together...
Supplies you will need...
A Power Washer
Ladder  (you can just see mine in the background)
Clorox Bleach (he was very specific that you use Clorox and don't get the generic brands)
Bug Sprayer
Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap

Now, in the bug sprayer mix the Clorox 1:1 with water.
Add a couple of nice squeezes of Dawn.
Put the top on, tighten and pump it up.

Hook up the Power washer to the hose and be sure that the water is turned on and it is ready.
Get your ladder in place and ready to go.

NOW...and this is the IMPORTANT THING THAT HE STRESSED...Once you begin, do NOT stop.  You MUST always work with a wet edge.  Do NOT let it dry before you are finished!

This would be most easily accomplished with two people--one to use the power washer and one to spray the cleaner.  I did it alone and it worked okay though.

I decided that as long as I did a whole side, I would be okay--just don't stop in the middle of a flat surface until you get to the corner.

Here is Mother...
Mother Ship is very dirty!

Poor girl!
As you can see, the Mother Ship is very dirty from sitting under the trees for a few years while parked in Missouri and was in desperate need of attention!

So, spray with the power washer to wet the surface.

Work on small spaces, working from the bottom to the top, never allowing it to dry until you are completely finished.  

Using the bug sprayer, spray a small area with cleaner, then spray off with power washer, never letting the cleaning solution dry before spraying off with power washer.  Always keep a wet edge.

Hard to see here, but I have sprayed the cleaning solution on the bottom of the camper here.
Now, repeat in the next section, working your way from top to bottom.
Look at the difference where it is washed and where it has not been cleaned yet!
See the bottom is washed and the top is not...

Can you believe the difference????  

No scrubbing...just wet, spray cleaner, power wash!

Our camper is 40 ft long and has two large slides.  

It took me about 5-6 hours working alone.  And be prepared to climb up and down the ladder--a LOT!

I actually forgot to take a picture of the fully cleaned camper because, well, I was tired, hot and covered with cleaner (bleach and dawn) and just wanted to hit the shower!  Sorry!

Suffice it to say if I can do the whole thing by myself in one day and have a nice clean camper, YOU can too!

I LOVE the no scrubbing part too!  :)

Happy camping!



  1. Wow! You can really tell the difference. And yes...."happy camping"